Thank you Scott for being accurate and clear on everything you told me. Constantly reminding me "imagine it and manifest it" I owe you dinner in LA my friend. #pleasefollow


You were correct again! everything went great yesterday and yes the other party freaked out and made a scene outside the court room, just like you said would happen. I was calm and keep my eye on the prize and it paid off! ... I know God has a BIG plan for me soon.


Thank you, Scott, for the amazing reading! You have a special gift that gives people hope, inspiration and clarity to whats going on with peoples lives. I talked with you a few weeks ago and and I asked you the gender of my baby because I didn't know at the time, and you said boy... well i recently fount out what I'm having and you were correct! Again, Thank you for my reading and Im really excited to see if everything else that we talked about carries through! Talk with you soon!


He is a truly gifted individual with insights and intuition that put me at ease. He knew how to connect to me on a deeply spiritual level and foresee major life occurrences that felt spot on. Think of Scott as a very good life coach with amazing abilities.  The fact that he is booked our months in advance speaks wonders. I've already referred two friends. Thanks Scott.


Scott Cruz is amazing, period.  My wife and I have used him and we both have come out of a reading with more than positive attitudes.  Scott doesnt try to up sell like the street corner psychics, in fact he told me, "im in the business to put myself out of business."  Thank you Scott for being so wonderful, you truly are a light in this world.  

Also, I highly recommend recording his sessions as he is a lightning speed channeler, which I love. Plus you will gain even more insight from the reading as you listen to it the second, third, and fourth times.


Truly the most amazing experience I have ever been through. After much time and money spent on therapy, I decided to go this route. I still think about his mediumship reading everyday and it's almost been a year.


My husband and I have been going to Scott Cruz on a very regular basis, you will never find anyone as wonderful as he is, anywhere!  We originally started going to him to find peace with the loss my mother in law. I originally saw him on Bravo, when his name was first mentioned and I was immediately drawn to him and knew he was someone I wanted to speak with about our loss. That encounter has changed my life! It was the hardest thing I ever experienced and for someone to have the ability to help me through such a devastating time, there are really no words to describe the healing of my heart.  Scott has such a magnificent balance of humor, honesty, compassion, sincerity and is extremely devoted to his passion to help others seek their full potential.  It is our job, but he is one of the greatest teachers I have ever encountered and I have learned more from him than I ever could have imagined.  I love that he wants the best for you and sometimes that means he needs to tell you things that you need to hear and not what you want to hear.  I do believe that the spiritual world speaks to us daily, but you have to be open to it. It is one of the things I find most charming about him and I know when he tells me something it is for my own good and I know it's honest and real and always turns out to be for my greatest good!  Every single thing he has ever shared with me has only ever helped me and my husband and we just want others to share in this amazing experience.  Scott helped me to heal the deep pain I experienced with the loss of a significant loved one, that I never thought I could get through.  If it were not for him, I would not have made it this far.  I only hope others can open their minds and their hearts to something new to find the peace in the same way that we did.  We always check back in with him to learn even more and it is always so comforting, reassuring and I always find a massive amount of peace.  I know that he helps me to open my mind up to things and then from there, I can decipher much of what spirit brings to him for me.  He is extremely gifted, but most of all he is kind, wise, humble, personable and one of my favorite people.  I always feel like one of the luckiest people that I get the opportunity to connect with one of the most beautiful souls I have the pleasure to know.  I can only hope that others can have that same experience too.  :)


I have been working with Scott for over a year.  I have had serious health problems and although I have sought care from doctors, I credit Scott with my healing.  His value is in his ability to help me see things from a larger perspective than what I am experiencing.  He can see the areas I need to grow in, which have correlated directly with my healing.  He is supportive and kind.  He is worth every penny.


I had a reading with Scott back in June,  I have never had a reading done before but always wanted to.  After so many crazy and unexpected things happened in my life and with my family I decided to try it out, and I have to say that Scott Cruz was spot on with everything he said,  including many things that only a select few people in my extreme inner circle would know about. I was honestly plesently surprised and extremely pleased and satisfied with everything that was said. I went into the reading feeling open minded but anxious and nervous all at the same time,  however,  we'll before the reading was finished, all of my nerves and anxiety had gone away and I was completely overcome with emotions and calmness. He answered so unanswered and brought closure on many different things.  Scott Cruz is 100% the real deal,  I will definitely be going back. Thank you Scott for everything.


Thank you Scott for an amazing reading. My mom went to the hospital and has to get her gallbladder out. I'm so thankful you mentioned going to the hospital to get checked up. Oh p.s al ditched the guy too :)


I got the job! Scott you are truly amazing!!


This week I had the pleasure of connecting with Scott  for a reading over the phone.  I immediately felt comfortable and could tell that Scott had a very authentic relationship with spirit and his guides. Several things came up that were really unexpected and hearing from a recently deceased loved one was amazing.  Scott was bang on, in so many ways - everything he had to say really resonated with me.  I left the call feeling rejuvenated and inspired to tackle my current obstacles and am looking forward to manifesting the life I want and deserve.  I highly recommend booking a session with Scott, what an uplifting experience.


I have had reads before from very accurate, gifted people. I went into this read with no expectations. He connected with me immediately and could tell that I needed to relax a little. I took notes and was happily surprised at how much he picked up on. Then there was a bunch of things that made little sense... but he told me to write them down. Not even a week later, each of these things made perfect sense and came to fruition! I did a predictive read and not a mediumship read but my grandmother came through anyway. (I don't even think she knocked!) The things he said were confirmed with family and I was so happy I got to "talk" to her again! Every single thing that Scott told me has happened already and with great precision. Not only is he gifted in reads, he is also gifted in "people". He was easy and fun to talk to, gave insight and hope to issues that seemed hopeless and it literally felt like I was sitting down with a  friend on the other end of the phone. Can't say enough good things about him. He's truly a keeper!


Scott is known for appearing on TV... That is why I booked my session. I've meet with "Hollywood" psychics before and left feeling more confused than before I walked in. With Scott, you won't get vague nonsense or fluff. 

When we spoke via phone, he was down to earth and provided more of a life coach session, than an interpretation about my "future". He listened & he advised on what steps were best for me to take and I felt like I was talking to a real friend. We tapped into some medium things at the end, and they were absolutely things no one else would know... I was so astonished.

That being said... He is the REAL deal!! He tapped into things that most people wouldn't know. He was straight forward and really helped me to uncover things. His interpretation of me/energy was spot on. I will be forever grateful for his time & attention. He is a gift to this world! He's not the type to up sell you some BS or sugar coat your trajectory. I have already and would recommend him without reservation to anyone seeking a spiritual read and guidance. I have nothing but love and respect for Scott and his CANDOR. You've illuminated my life . 

Thank you for caring about me and others in this world . You are humble, kind and pragmatic. Truly a blessing and thank you for sharing your gift over profit. I appreciate your extra time and attention!!!


Scott- we spoke a few months ago & one of the things you said was my fiancé and I would have a baby boy in our future...well we just found out...we are expecting 9/15/15! Ha! We don't know if it's a boy but I will keep you updated.


Thank you so much Scott! You are truly amazing and magnificent. How blessed and lucky I am to have crossed your path! The Universe IS perfect, as it lead me to you. You are brilliant and such a kind soul and generous spirit. I will continue to hear you say to me "Don't think about it, just do it" :) and with your words of encouragement, I now know that I will.The world is a better place because you're in it. I am so grateful that I have always been so open to all things, so that I may experience such a gift. You teach us all to look at things differently, you help us to learn new ways of thinking, because the old ways never worked. I feel so fortunate as I know I will grow from this experience and I thank you to the deepest depths of my heart. May you always know how special you are and how much peace you bring to so many. Thank you from bringing it to me today.I pray others find their way to you as well and find the joy and peace that I have. :) I have been blessed on this day and I know it and I will cherish it.


I can't thanks you enough for helping me heal last night. I feel such happiness & a calmness after our past 2 talks. I feel such a connection with my grandpa again, and after knowing he's been here all along. :) you've helped my family so much and have helped my grandpa take away years of pain. I look forward to every sign he sends me.


This week i had the pleasure of connecting with Scott Cruz, for a reading over the phone. I immediately felt comfortable and could tell that Scott had a very authentic relationship with spirit.Several things came up that were really unexpected and hearing from a recently deceased loved one was amazing. Scott was bang on, in so many ways - everything he had to say really resonated with me. left the call feeling rejuvenated and inspired ti tackle my current obstacles and am looking forward to manifesting the life i want and deserve. I highly recommend booking a session with Scott, what an uplifting experience.- You're the best!


Wow! how do I start? was nervous about speaking to a medium, but Scott put my mind as ease from the start of our phone conversation/reading. He knew so much about me, how could this be? he told me things that made me realize this guy is genuine, is SPOT ON and can connect to others. I have calmness from our conversation and happiness... I will definitely be adding him with a BIG LIKE and suggest you get hold of him before others do