Thank u so much for my amazing reading today! This was by far my best and most accurate reading! Keep doing what you are doing Scott, you certainly have a gift.

PDATE: I had to tell you something you were RIGHT about that made no sense to me when we spoke in August. A man came thru to talk to me during our reading. I didn't recognize any of the info you were saying about him. All I really remember is you saying "he really helped you, guided you, he wouldn't really believe, in this kind of thing when he was alive." 

At the time it made no sense so we left it alone and moved onto something else. Well, I found out last week that my counselor/therapist I went to a few years ago for many different reasons, died in July! I had no idea! It was him that came thru out reading and I simply didn't know he died! He did help me and guide me, so much! Probably more than any other human besides my mom. He helped me so much and he wouldn't have believed in this kind of thing either. So I had to tell you Scott, you are so gifted and so spot on! Don't ever doubt yourself or question the messages you because you ARE receiving them correctly! What a gift! Even if the client on the other end doesn't get it right away, in time it will all make sense. I just had to tell you about it to let you know how amazing you are and I am so glad that I found you! I am honored to have your guidance throughout my life 😄as long as you ll keep doing this line of work. Have a wonderful weekend Scott! Thank you for being brave enough to do this work and to help so many of us understand life and death better. I ll be booking soon for another reading! I am due for some of your wisdom. 

Lots of love,



Scott Cruz - you are amazing. Thank you for taking the time to connect with me today. I experienced this overwhelming sense of peace after our conversation and feel very connected to my path and life plans. You have an incredible ability to pass on such positive energy and I truly appreciate your guidance.


How do I i take a big deep breath....whewww...just had an amazing and "spot on" reading by Scott! I am tingling all over and can't catch my breath...shaking from the fact that Scott connected me with both my husband and ex-husband and described both exactly as they were here on earth, they are the same as in the spirit world but they don't fight with each other up there like they did here loo... another thing that blows me away.. he described me emotionally and spiritually and yet has never met me. he gave me a sugesstion that I had been considering and had never shared with anyone but he answered my internal question ...Wow! I feel "free" and relieved from so much mind chatter ... Thank you 

Update: Hi Scott - Sent you a private message as your reading with me has come to Fruition :) - Thank you!


I did a life reading as opposed to a medium reading and Scott told me several things that were right on. He also asked me if I wanted to know "everything" he could see and I agreed even though I was nervous about it. He told me things about my relationship that were hard to hear but that wound up being true. And what he told me made me pay attention to things I might not have. He also spent a lot of time coaching me in the laws of attraction so that I could do what I needed to do: focus on myself and get myself to a place where I could shift out of fear and loneliness which had been dominating my thinking. Scott made me see making that shift was the only thing that would actually help my relationship - and once I shifted it changed everything. It's a little too early to say this with certainty, and I still plan to follow up with another reading, but he may have saved my relationship. I am very happy I talked to Scott. It was worth every penny and I look forward to talking to him again soon.


***AMAZING AMAZING******** i was absolutely blown away, he is the real deal!

I first saw Scott on TV on The RHOC and decided after that i must have a reading with him. I had to wait 6 months to get an appointment and boy was it worth the wait. My main reason for this reading was I WANTED TO CONNECT WITH MY DAD WHO HAD PASSED  i needed some answers. The week of my reading unfortunately Scott had to reschedule due to a family emergency, however he rescheduled it to 2 days later where he had a last minute and unexpected opening and amazingly this was ON THE DAY OF THE ANNIVERSARY OF MY DAD'S PASSING WOW!!  That is when i knew this reading was meant to be!! Immediately Scott brought my dad to me with information so personal and so specific nobody could possibly know he was just so incredibly accurate. As much as the whole experience was very emotional it was also very comforting. In addition he brought the parents of my closest friend to me who had also passed with a message for her i had to pass on which was so wonderful and so comforting i called her with it immediately. Scott is very reassuring, gifted and truly passionate about helping others  i cannot say enough wonderful things about him and will def book him again.


I've been psychic all my life and I'm a working psychic myself; a natural gift from my grandfather and I'm not impressed easily by psychics and tend to be quite hard on them with my expectations.  Scott not only impressed me when I saw him on RHOC because he validated my  prediction the Brooks did not have cancer, but thoroughly impressed me tonight when I had my reading from him.  He validated 2 things I felt and one thing that many other psychics have told me,  yet I was still skeptical.  He also told me two things that there was NO WAY he would know if he were not truly psychic and THE REAL DEAL.  My hat is off to Scott Cruz and I highly recommend this blessed and gifted man. 

Thank you so much Scott.  This was my first reading and most certainly not my last.


Words cannot express how incredibly impressed but grateful I am to Scott.  I had psychics in the past but this was a whole new level.  You know when you are dealing with him you are getting THE REAL DEAL. He said things that were undeniably accurate and private.  No generalities.  I had zero doubt.
In one hour he not only saved my relationship with my family but answered questions I thought Id never get closure on.  Questions I had my entire life.   Not just that but he helped my family tremendously in a very difficult time and brought us back together with his insight just in the nick of time.  
I think about our reading every single day.  Things keep unfolding exactly as he predicted.  I still get chills.  
I tell people about him constantly,  Beyond, beyond a fan and believer.  
Buckle your seatbelts with Scott and be prepared to have your mind BLOWN!



Here is a followup from a man named Bill, who in a session, connected with his mentor Jack who has crossed over. Here was some of the validations in the followup:

"A few updates:

Sisters black car that my grandfather didn't like - she got a ticket in front of my dad's house yesterday for windows being too black! That was my dad's father.

Gold pocket watch - locked in a safe at my dad's house that no one knows the combination.

Jack said for my mom to fix crooked picture - a picture hanging in her store that always looks crooked - she was just talking about moving it yesterday!

You mentioned jack building houses - aside from the orphanage in India, my mom told me that he built many houses in villages in impoverished areas.

Just a few connections but solid ones. My mom cried when I told her jack came through...I told her for a few minutes it felt like I was talking to him!

I thank you for letting me pass on these messages. My mom said today there was a few feathers that fell from the sky - as they have been everyday since he died...she took the extras as clarification :)

I'll be booking a reading soon - a few more questions!"



In this reading, her grandmother (crossed over) described to me clearly , a oil painting of a woman with a thick golden frame that would fall. I then heard psychically a sound of glass shattering, which in my interpretation was a sign that that painting fell and broke. The sitter had absolutely no clue about it. I told her to ask her mother. Here was her followup:

"I called my mom after my reading with you yesterday afternoon and asked her about an oil painting of a woman with a gold frame and she knew exactly what I was talking about. She said the thing would fall down all the time and finally fell down and broke. 

My mind is still a little blown after our conversation and the things you read. You have an amazing gift. I look forward to having another reading again in the future."



In this reading, I made connection with the callers Aunt. Her aunt was showing me an image of a green apple. The sitter had no clue of any symbols or relations to a green apple. As I tapped in more, I then saw a water pitcher used as a vase. I then told her it looked like these two things are actually a painting like "bad hotel art." The caller still had absolutely NO clue what it was. I told her like in the previous story with the other sitter, to ask her sister which would be the callers mother. Also, her aunt told her to bring her dad's hat to the hospital, which he was indeed in the hospital. She said it was a cream and white fedora. The caller had never even heard of a fedora, and yes, that shocked me. lol . Heres the followup:

"In our session you said my aunt had a picture of an apple and water pitcher, I didn't know but here it is - is this what you saw? My aunt actually painted it when she had her youngest child, so over 30 yes ago but I never remembered it! You are amazing I can't believe it!!!

Here is my dad's hat !!! Lol (which you described perfectly) and yes it's a Fedora lol



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