Audio hypnosis affirmations is a great way to reprogram the subconscious and introduce new belief systems that support your desired agenda in life. Each MP3 is 60 minutes in length with affirmations for each of the different topics. Also available: a package with all four topics. Music and narration by Scott.



 Scott has 10 years experience as a Life Coach and his lifetime experience as a clairvoyant medium. His whole life he has studied psychology in conjunction with the metaphysical space. Through his own personal traumas of the past and developing his knowledge with the psychological and metaphysical mind, he helps those seeking answers and solutions related to relationships, career, health, limiting beliefs, addiction, and self help. Through his gift of insight, Scott helps others to tap into their own psychological and metaphysical perspectives to master alignment bewteeen the two .  Scott is able to read one’s life trajectory as it has been manifested in the past, what is manifesting in the now, and forecast what  projections of the future have been created by the individual. Scott states that no future trajectory is set in stone and we have the power of free-will to create the reality we prefer. He helps his clients to understand what is blocking their preferred reality and assists with subconscious reprogramming  to  master  mental and spiritual alignment,  achieving their desired results in life with sustainability..  


With this insight, Scott is also able to receive information from those that have reemerged back into their non physical states, providing clarity to those still focused in physical reality. 

Through Scott’s own life experiences, education, clairvoyance, and knowledge, it’s Scott's passion to assist others in connecting their own spiritual and mental power  so they can experience their walk of life in rhythm to  the flow of the universe and the infinite of existence. 

“Basically,  I’m  a  metaphysical  therapist.  Lol”   -  Scott

“Manifestation Master” E-book


Master the art of manifestation through imagination, belief reprogramming, and affirmation. In this e-book, I will help you identify negative beliefs and how to create new ones that align with your desires. I also provide the understanding of affirmations and how to make the best utilization of them. Also included: Belief and affirmation worksheets guiding you with creating your own personal beliefs and affirmations for relationships, career, finances, and health.



On season 3 episode 1 of Daddy2, I answer questions from Alex and Yanir about raising a positive child and the influences we have on children whether it be a parent or in life in general. 



Through my experience as an intuitive and mental councelor, get the answers that you need with your current circumstances and gain the tools to tackle any situation. With my ability to view your future trajectory, find out if you are on track to manifest what you desire and how to get into alignment if you are not.



Understand your power as a spiritual being and as a concious creator. I assist in exposing and getting rid of the habitual roadblocks and negative beliefs that prevent progression. My goal is to help you achieve the results you desire with your career, finances, health, and relationships through truth, self reliance, and effective application.



We live in a vibrational universe, where through the laws of physics, like attracts like. Get insight on why certain conditions have manifested and gain the mindset and tools needed to manifest the life you desire. I formulate the tools on a individual basis depending on what each individual needs.



Past experiences require us to extract the lessons to move forward.Many people have past beliefs and experiences that are limiting their progression in the present and for the future. My goal is to identify what those beliefs and attachments are and rid the individul of such attachments. By exposing the attachments we can redefine the past experiences to create and experience a new present and future.



Many people are living in the past or only in the future. Learn to be grounded in the present and resolve the obsessive  patterns that keep you stuck in the past. Also, learn how to quit living only in the future without moving forward. This process will help expose limiting beliefs and patterns that create anxiety and fear of the future. 



Knowing and predicting are not the same thing. A prediction is simply a result based on your current projection. I can access your future trajectory to see if you are aligned to that which you desire. I teach my clients how to create and change their future trajectory through the power of their subconscious and manifestation thus, really knowing your future. Through knowing, every realization is a mnaifestion.


Simple explanation of how simple it really is to find a passion and to turn into a destiny, simply. Did you get that it‘s simple? Lol


Don't contiune to live your life asleep.


As children, we have been conditioned by our society and surroundings  with many limiting beliefs. It is through our belief systems that we create the life we are living: Positive and negative. Each belief we hold in our subconscious, projects that into your current experience and all that exists in that frequency will match with us. This is not just what some call "The Law of Attraction," rather this is what modern day science has defined as quantum physics. Our consciousness exists in the quantum state, and once we awaken to the power of our spirit and consciousness, the process of deliberate creation of our life experience truly begins.....

"Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - Albert Einstein. life coach mentor