Scott is a gifted metaphysical teacher: Life Coach & Clairvoyant Medium. With his gift of insight, he helps those seeking answers related to relationships, career, health, limiting beliefs, and self help. He is a teacher of the powers of consciousness and helps others to tap into their own psychological and metaphysical perspectives to master alignment bewteeen the two . Scott is also able to foresee one’s life trajectory as it has been manifested in the past, see what is manifesting in the now, and forecast what the projections of the future has been created by the individual. Scott states that no future trajectory is set in stone and we have the power of free-will to create the reality we prefer. He helps his clients understand what is blocking their preferred reality and assists with subconscious reprogramming to achieve their desired manifestation results.

With this insight, Scott is also able to receive information from those that have reemerged back into their non physical states, providing clarity to those still focused in physical reality. 

In addition, Scott's true passion is to teach others how to tap into their own spiritual awarenesses so they can experience their walk of life in rhythm with the flow of the universe and the infinite of existence. 

NOTE: Mediumship Sessions are no longer available via telephone.


Scott talks about what its like to be a clairvoyant and a musician and how the two interconnect. life coach mentor


Don't contiune to live your life asleep.


As children, we have been conditioned by our society and surroundings  with many limiting beliefs. It is through our belief systems that we create the life we are living: Positive and negative. Each belief we hold in our subconscious, projects that into your current experience and all that exists in that frequency will match with us. This is not just what some call "The Law of Attraction," rather this is what modern day science has defined as quantum physics. Our consciousness exists in the quantum state, and once we awaken to the power of our spirit and consciousness, the process of deliberate creation of our life experience truly begins.....

"Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - Albert Einstein. life coach mentor